nicole morris

From April 2017 March 2019 I will be an Associate Artist for MK Gallery and work on the delivery of City Club.

From January- March 2017 I was Family Artist in Residence at the Camden Arts Centre. In a series of ‘Studio Takeovers’ I explored themes of body, architecture, movement and history. Looking at ways in which we collectively work together we retraced memories and reimagined the way we live together as a community.

In 2015 I began working with Cinema 6, a group of artists and filmmakers, on a project to make a collaborative film about how new technology changes the way we tell stories. We devised a workshop as part of Intergeneration at Flat Time House, which was aimed at families who want to tell stories to, and with, each other. The workshop bought together special effects from very early cinema to state-of-the-art 3D cinema to help young people tell stories about their own past and possible futures.

In 2014-15 I was an Artist on the Artists in Residence Workshop Program at Tate. Whilst here I worked in collaboration with Schools and Teachers to devise an activity as part of the resources. My activity, M is for Moving Through, Moving You, sought to use performance as a way of navigating exhibition space through an individual’s feelings.

In 2013 I helped to conceive and initiate the artist run project space, LOCOMOTION, which held its inaugural Artist Moving Image Festival in 2014. For this we co-curated a 3-day program of international artists film and video work that was screened alongside a series of talks.

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